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Frequently asked questions

Departure location

Corpo Aviation allows you to avoid heavy traffic at commercial terminals. Whenever possible, your flight will depart from a private terminal in complete confidentiality. On Corpo Aviation flights, no one will ask you for an autograph or photo. We set the standard for professionalism in our field. Plus, most private terminals offer free parking.

How many pilots are on board?

Corpo Aviation guarantees the highest safety standards with two pilots aboard each of our flights. You can travel with peace of mind on our aircraft. Our pilots are trained according to the industry’s strictest standards. They inspire confidence and are able to respond to all of your needs.

Cancellation fees

If you have to cancel a flight at the last minute, your deposit will be reimbursed for the first cancellation. Corpo Aviation understands the circumstances affecting businesses and we know that unforeseen events are part of your everyday reality and ours. You can avoid paying cancellation fees with an annual corporate agreement.

What is a charter?

Corpo Aviation does not offer regularly scheduled flights. Instead, we operate chartered flights on demand. Think of Corpo Aviation as your air limousine. With charter flights, you set the departure time and destination. You can also decide what in-flight services you’d like, including meals, snacks and coffee or bar service. If you need to change the schedule at the last minute, our team will adjust to your needs.

Corporate agreements

Does your company need to move work teams several times throughout the year? A reduced-rate corporate package may be a good option. Agreements are signed for a one-year period and are updated to suit your changing needs before renewal each year. There are no minimum fees or membership fees. It’s simple: The more you fly, the more you save.


Corpo Aviation offers various rate types. Depending on your needs (date, destination, number of stops, in-flight service), our sales team will send you a comprehensive proposal to ensure that there are no surprises down the line. If your business needs to move work teams several times a year, we can offer you a reduced-rate corporate package. The more you fly, the more you save.

Different rates for different needs

Do you need to make travel arrangements?

Corporate air service to destinations throughout the province and the United States
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